As I am just starting to get the hang of this blog thing, I am not very good at remembering to blog. I have a few market comments this week. First of all we are in to summer and the summer slows down but generally I do fairly well in the summer. This year has been different all the way around, my fellow realtors in the area seem to concur with this.  Possible reasons, my #1. is the market took a strong jump in pricing when we were low in inventory, people raised prices too high. Folks the public has seen this movie and really don't care to star in the sequal. #2. New construction pricing is a good deal despite location east and remodeling is not an option for the majority of buyers. If your home is 8 years old or older, you fall in this category. Summer builder incentives are incredible.  #3. The stock market has not been stable in 2016 and #4. It is an election year. People generally don't like making big purchases like 2nd homes in an election year. I am not sure I understand why but, that's ok. The single family non gated homes are hot, hot!!! Locals are wanting non gated homes and nice ones in nice communities are difficult to come by.  I have taken a few of my listings off the market for summer! I feel it will best serve my clients to wait until fall if they can. Right pricing is essential!!! If you are not selling the #1 reason is price!!!,#2 Location, #3 Condition.